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McDonnell's has the largest selection of natural and organic lawn products in the area. We also stock traditional synthetic products if that is what you need.

We stock beneficial insects as well as bulk and bagged grass seeds.

Does your garden need some help? We've got a few things we like to suggest.
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Bush Doctor Kangaroots® is a liquid root drench formulation designed to enhance the proliferation and root mass development of both primary and secondary roots.

Kangaroots® contains nutrients specifically designed to be immediately available to plants and roots alike. Kangaroots® also contains concentrated amounts of microbes designed for hosting not only directly on the roots, but in the soil around them. Kangaroots® supplies essential macro and micronutrients that plants thrive on for both hydroponic and soil applications. For optimal results, follow the FoxFarm feeding schedule.

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Get your garden going with Grow Big®, our fast-acting, water-soluble fertilizer for lush, vegetative, compact growth. Use Grow Big® early in the season when young plants need an extra boost. We add earthworm castings and Norwegian kelp into this special brew to encourage sturdier, healthier stems and leaves, but we also provide enough nutrients and trace minerals to create the kind of healthy branching that you’ll need later in the season for more abundant buds and blooms.

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Our special, micro-brewed formula incorporates earthworm castings, bat guano and other high test organic ingredients that offer a full range of nutrients. Norwegian kelp improves nutrient uptake and increases yields. Rock phosphate helps transfer energy from one part of the plant to another, which means bigger buds and more fragrant flowers.

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We are proud to offer Lady Bug organic products.

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Check out our newest weed & grass killer, Mirimichi Green.
This product is unique. It is non-selective. Results typically are visible in 15 minutes. It leaves no harmful residues and is even effective in cooler climates. Its OMRI listed and cleared for organic gardening use.

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Some of our best selling products for weed killing around the house or in grazeable pastures
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Microlife 6-2-4 organic fertilizer is a multi-purpose product for all turfgrasses, ornamentals, perennials, trees, flowers and vegetables. It is 100% slow release and will not burn. This 40 pound bag is stuffed with over 100 different vitamins, minerals, nutrients and plant hormones that will make whatever you choose to apply it to look amazing.

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Whether you've got bugs, fungus, weeds, or a lawn that just doesn't look the way you want it, we have got everything you need to get back on track.
Let us show you some of our favorite products from companies like Bonide, Bayer, Fertilome, & Hi-Yield.

Want to cut your lawn watering in half? Take a look at Hydretain.

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Click below to quickly learn how to use Bayer's Advanced 3 in 1 fertilizer for southern lawns.
This miracle product is an all in one fertilizer, pre-emergent & post-emergent. It can be used in the spring and the fall.
There is nothing else on the market like this product right now.

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We also stock Pennington Seeds prepackaged, as well as a wide variety of bulk lawn seeds that you can purchase by the pound or by the bag.

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We also stock a wide range of repellents and deterrents. Mice, rats, moles, armadillos, birds, cats, squirrels or even dogs. We can help you keep your garden free from invasion by unwanted creatures.

If you don't want to just keep them away, we can help you catch them.