From body soap & sore muscle rub to pocket knives, we have a wide variety of lotions, creams and other specialty products

pocket knives keller tx

We are proud to offer a huge selection of hand crafted pocket and hunting knives. We primarily carry Case and Moore Maker, but we also stock custom, locally made knives also.

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pocket knives keller tx

These just arrived from the Case factory and are on their way into the show case. First off the line pilot test run trapper patterns. Jigged mint green bone, smooth mint green bone, and peach bone. These are limited run and wont last long!

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We offer a huge selection of Farmhouse Fresh products:
  • Bath Soaks
  • Soaps & Scrubs
  • Facial masks
  • Body Oils
  • Balms, Creams & Milks
  • Lotions

Love & Toast

Excellent variety of Love & Toast items available:
  • Perfumes
  • Body Mists
  • Body Washes
  • Lotions
  • Lip Glazes
  • Shower Gels & More

hand cream keller tx

Do you suffer from sore muscles & joints, dry hands & skin or even pain from fibromyalgia? We've got something for you!

Outdoor Hands
Hoof Alive
Amish Origins
Two Old Goats lotions

We keep candies and sodas available for your refreshment