McDonnell Building Materials Co., Inc.
Build it, Fix it, Feed it.

McDonnell Building Materials Co. Inc. was started in its current location in 1972 by L.L. McDonnell, with the help of his 14 year old grandson Mark Keel. L.L. had only a 3rd grade education, but from the 1940s to the 1980s he worked as a prosperous home builder in the West Fort Worth and Keller area. Never having learned to read or write, L.L. would spend the day time hours rustling up business for the hardware store, and Mark would come in after school and take care of the product ordering and all paperwork. Mr. McDonnell passed away in 1999, having lived through the depression and worked hard every day of his life, and through many years of hard work from his grandson Mark, the store continues on to this day. L.L. and Mark’s dreams from years past continue to stay the same and grow today. Our family has been, and still is very blessed by this store and our customers.

Now L.L’s great grandchildren work in the store, and even a great-great granddaughter can be found running around behind the sales counter sometimes. You still get the same home town feeling of kindness and hospitality when you walk through the door today as people received back in the early 1970s.

The store has undergone multiple expansions since those early days, and while many things have changed for us, the most important ones stayed the same. We are here for our customers, and without them, well...we wouldn't be here.

My father, Mark, has always stressed two important lessons to me that were originally bestowed to him from my Papa Mac: If you say you will do something, do it. If you owe it, pay it.

-Jeff Keel

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